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Kindness is Closing for Dinner at The Owyhee

Kindness, The Owyhee restaurant known for offering “kicked-up” comfort food classics like seared scallops with pancetta (pictured above), plans to close for dinner in 2016.

Though owners Anna and Michael Tapia are still negotiating the exact date that dinner service will stop with the building's owners, Michael says it could be as early as tomorrow, Jan. 1, or as late as March 2016. The plan is to continue serving a brunch buffet on Saturdays and Sundays through March. And after that, the couple will focus on their catering business.

“Our catering business has grown so much that I can’t really be stretched as thin as I have been,” explained Chef Anna. “So for me it’ll work out a lot better. The restaurant will close; I’ll be able to focus on the catering business and the events that we have here at The Oywhee.”

According to Anna, the catering business “ended up covering for the shortcomings in the restaurant’s income.” Moving forward, Kindness will continue to cater events at The Owyhee, as well as host parties on the building’s penthouse patio. For New Year’s Eve, Kindness is offering a prix-fixe dinner and a rooftop after party with bubbly wine for $75 per person.

“It’s sad for us to close the restaurant; we really love it,” said Anna. “But it’s also exciting for us as a family and as a business because we’ve grown so big in the catering portion of it. So it’ll be a good change.”

Though no tenant is confirmed to take over the high-ceilinged space, The Owyhee's General Manager Thomas Felter says they’re currently in negotiations.

“We’re definitely searching for an additional restaurant user to take the space,” said Felter. “We’ve had some interest and we have leasing agents that are also searching for us. We’re pretty open to whatever opportunities arise.”

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