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A Peek Inside Prost Boise

It was jam-packed inside Prost! Boise Tuesday night for the grand opening of the German-themed pub. Not only was the Eighth Street-facing patio overflowing at 7 p.m., but the smallish inside space was also elbow-to-elbow, with patrons sloshing beers merrily as they squeezed past one another.

Customers sipped on 1L and 0.5L steins of German beer, including classics like Bitburger Pils and Hofbräu Original, along with less familiar brews like Ayinger Celebrator and Grevensteiner.

Here's a look at Prost's full beer menu from their opening night:

Though most people seemed to be there for the German brews on June 2,

the pub does have some interesting meaty items on its menu, including Braunschweiger—described as a classic German pâté with toasted rye, stone ground mustard and Granny Smith apple slices—and all kinds of German sausage, like Knackwurst, Jagdwurst, Bratwurst, Cervelat and Weisswurst.

Some of the sausages are sourced from Bavarian Meats in Seattle, where Prost! Boise's parent company, Prost German Pubs, is based.

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