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Sunday Brunch at The Modern Hotel

So, I'm a tad biased (considering my husband's the chef) but brunch at The Modern Hotel is freaking awesome. Today, I snagged a shady patio seat and ordered the housemade corned beef tossed with hunks of perfectly roasted beets and potatoes, topped with a sprinkling of chive flowers. It was fantastic (and beautiful, just look at that oozy, deep yellow yolk!)

My mother-in-law opted for the Cured Steelhead Lox with thin rye toasts, housemade crème fraîche and a zippy parsley and shallot salad dotted with kalamata olives. Yum.

And we both got the bright spring Brunch Salad with cubes of smoky pork, fresh asparagus, juicy radishes and crushed hazelnuts, topped with another perfectly poached egg.

Here's a copy of the current menu in case you're feeling inspired to swing by next weekend and say hello to Chef Alex:

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