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Eat This: Spicy Tuna Lunch Special at Sushi Joy

I'm not typically a fan of the spicy tuna roll. It's an excuse to serve sub-par scraps of tuna riddled with stringy sinew that are bound together with enough spicy mayo to conceal the fact that the fish isn’t great. My ideal sushi roll is something simple—like tuna and asparagus or salmon and avocado—with ample hunks of fresh fish and zero mayo.

But having said all that, Sushi Joy has officially won me over with its spicy tuna roll. The Sushi Lunch #2 combo features six plump rounds of spicy tuna roll wrapped in a thin rice jacket. Crunchy bits of tempura and spicy mayo are blended in with the tuna to lend the perfect balance of flavor and crunch. The roll is not too mayonnaise-y and the tuna is not super gristly, unlike many of its peers. Add in two pieces of tuna nigiri and two lovely slabs of salmon nigiri and you've got yourself a pretty sweet lunch. Oh, did I mention it's only $9.95 and also comes with miso soup and salad?

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