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A Look at Neckar Coffee's New Digs, Plus Cold Brew Ice Cream Floats!

Via Neckar Coffee

Yesterday afternoon, I bumped into Neckar Coffee's Grant Shealy, who now roasts his beans in a back corner of the Woodland Empire brewery. Beer in hand, Shealy gave me a tour of the small space, which is just as no-frills as his minimalist, micro-roast coffee brand.

There's a fridge, a small chair, an American flag, Neckar's tiny-but-powerful roaster and a few slumped bags of Coffee Shrub beans. Shealy says it's a big upgrade from the North End garage where he previously set up shop.

Via Neckar Coffee

Like a few of his peers around the country, Shealy is now offering cold brew coffee on nitro, which he makes by steeping Sumatra for 13-15 hours, kegging it and then charging it with nitrogen. The result is a creamy, cold coffee with a silky, smooth finish.

Shealy says he hopes to eventually can his nitro cold brew and is working on getting his wholesale license to get Neckar into stores and restaurants.

Neckar also has a treat for shoppers at Saturday's Boise Farmers Market: The pour-over coffee cart will be offering its nitro cold brew coffee with a scoop of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream.

"I'm a Häagen-Dazs whore; I love that they're a huge company with only four ingredients in their vanilla," said Shealy.

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