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Eat This: Madhuban's Lunch Buffet

It’s no secret that Madhuban has a great lunch buffet. Not only does the spot consistently win Best Local Indian in BW’s Best of Boise contest, but there’s regularly a line stretching out the door.

We stopped by today for a late Memorial Day lunch and the place was as packed as ever. We gladly lingered outside the of the State Street strip mall space for around 20 minutes until a table was available.

Inside, families picked up clean plates and waited in another line to ladle heaps of hot mutter paneer and lamb curry onto piles of fluffy basmati rice and freshly baked naan.

As I sat down to tackle my mound of food—saffron-stained cauliflower mingling with spinach-lacquered chickpeas and puddles of sweet tamarind chutney—I smiled. It’s refreshing to see a Boise restaurant do such steady business, particularly one that serves such fantastically flavorful fare. And as always, it was worth the wait.

Madhuban serves lunch from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., seven days a week. The buffet is $8.99 for adults and half price for kids ages 4 to 9.

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