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Make This: Radishes with Anchovy Chive Butter

Radishes and butter are an unlikely but undeniably delicious duo. A layer of creamy fat spread on a slice of fresh baguette provides the perfect counter-balance to crisp, peppery radish coins. Add in some minced anchovy, chives and a big squeeze of lemon, and you've got a relatively simple snack that packs a flavorful palate punch.

This recipe is adapted from one I thumbed across in an old issue of Bon Appétit Magazine, but it gets the Tara treatment (as so many things do in Spring) with the addition of fresh tarragon.

Radishes with Anchovy Chive Butter

  • 1 stick unsalted butter, room temperature

  • 1/2 large lemon, juiced

  • 3-4 anchovy fillets, finely minced

  • 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives

  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh tarragon

  • 10 multicolored radishes, sliced into thin coins

  • Kosher salt to taste

  • 2 Acme Bakeshop mini baguettes, or one larger baguette, sliced thin diagonally

Mix together first seven ingredients and spread a generous smear of herb butter on each piece of baguette. Top with freshly sliced radishes and a sprinkle of chives, if desired.

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