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Wood-Aged Booze and Free Trees!

To celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day, Bittercreek Ale House and Red Feather Lounge are offering some awesome wood-aged brews and forest-themed drinks. The best part? You get a free sapling and a bag of worm castings when you purchase one of their booze specials. Here's what they've got:


Arbor Day Hazelnut: A new hazelnut hybrid that will produce tasty nuts in Idaho Tulip Tree: A fast growing hardwood with flowers. So beloved, it is the state tree of three states. Bur Oak: A big beautiful oak tree


Barrel Aged Payette-Wine Barrel Slaughter House Sockeye-Apricot Summer Gold Alvinne-Calvados Barrel Melchoir Grand Teton-Wine Barrel Splash Down Deschutes-Abyss 14

Old Growth Sierra Nevada-Life & Limb '12 Firestone Walker-Double DBA '12 Wider Brothers-Kill Devil Rum Barrel Brown '12 Wider Brothers- Pinot Barrel Barleywine '13

>>Beers From Trees Woodland Empire-Bay Leaf IPA Heretic-Hazlenut Porter Odell-Tree Shaker Double Peach IPA Mazama-Cherry Blossom Saison Thornbridge-Chestnut Honey Stout Victory- Cherry Gose

Wood Aged Woodland Empire-Beachwood Aged Lager Grand Teton-Busted Cedar Aged Porter Woodland Empire-Threewood Saison


A Birdsey Eye View-Birdsey Northrop, being the awesome dude who globalized Arbor Day in 1883.

Lemon Black Walnut Bitters High West Campfire Whiskey Demerara

Populus Protection-The poplar tree was the first tree planted in Villanueva de la Sierra, Spain and was used later by the Greeks and Etruscans to make shields.

Black Walnut Bitters Hudson Single Malt Whiskey Punt e Mes

El Ejido-A valley in Villanueva de la Sierra where the very first tree was planted for Arbor day in 1805, lead by a guy named don Ramon Vacas Roxo)

House-made Tonic Syrup Cynar Bookers Whiskey Cocao Bitters

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