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What is Boise Feed?

Ask any non-native what they know about Idaho's culinary landscape and the first thing they'll say is "potatoes." But Boise, Idaho has a lot more going on than French fries, and that's what Boise Feed is here to chronicle.

Boise Feed is love letter to Boise's more unique and innovative culinary happenings written by veteran food writer Tara Morgan, a long time Food Editor and critic for the Boise Weekly and an Editor at Edible Idaho Magazine. It a mash-up of local food- and booze-related news, trends, event info, recipes and restaurant reviews.

Boise Feed is a resource for locals interested in Boise's always evolving food scene and a go-to guide for visitors looking to explore the city through the lens of a local food critic. Take a bite out of Boise.

Bowl of Chunky Fries
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