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Pigapalooza Cancelled This Weekend

Bad news for ’cue connoisseurs: Pigapalooza has officially been cancelled. The pork party was slated to go down Saturday, June 13 in the parking lot across the street from Grind Modern Burger with a barbecue competition, pork samples, a pickled pig eating contest, a whole roasted pig and plenty of beer from PostModern Brewers.

Grind Modern Burger's Rick Boyd says event organizer Tatiana Martz couldn’t book enough barbecue vendors for the event.

“She was having difficulty lining up enough barbecue vendors because there were so many other competing events going on that weekend around the state,” said Boyd. “We just weren’t able to get enough vendors to be able to make it a legitimate barbecue competition.”

Pigapalooza organizers had hoped to round up at least 10 barbecue vendors, but fell pretty short.

“Being in a town this small, it’s hard to round up 10 barbecue guys,” said Boyd. “We’re not exactly a barbecue mecca. [Ten] was our minimum number, we were wanting to get closer to 20 but we only managed to line up three.”

Boyd says they’re hoping to find another “empty window in a pretty crowded summer” to hold Pigapalooza.

“We’re hoping to move it to another date; she hasn’t picked a date yet," said Boyd. "She’s still looking at the calendar and finding what fits and having conversations with some of the vendors that wanted to do it but couldn’t because of previous commitments."

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