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There's Topo Chico in Boise!

Anyone who has guzzled the Mexican mineral water Topo Chico knows it's a magical elixr that can quench the thirstiest of thirsts, work hangover miracles and probably cure cancer.

Not only has Topo Chico been on the market since 1895, but the bubbly water has gained some serious street cred in my hometown Austin, the music-loving city in the heart of Texas.

Unfortunately, most of the Mexican markets in Boise only stock rainbow-hued Jarritos fruit sodas. But not Zacoalco Super Market on Fairvew. Hidden in a side cooler at the Mexican carneceria sits small collection of Topo Chico chilling in 12-ounce glass bottles.


Not sure what all the Topo Chico fuss is about, check out Thrillist Austin's list of 13 things you didn't know about Topo Chico.

Photo credit: Nathaniel F.

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